Light in Visual Culture: 7th ESRC seminar (14 Sept) –

Light is critical to our relationship to the sensory world; so too our visual representations of it. This seventh ESRC-funded seminar explores the many dimensions of light and lighting in contemporary popular culture, raising formal and substantive issues for visual cultural practice, representation and performance.  Practitioners are asked to present one or two pieces of work that explores the following broad questions:

  • How does light operate as an agent or actor in different aesthetic and representational practices?
  • How are the conventions and rules of lighting derived, and cross-fertilise, across disparate practices such as design, photography and performance?
  • How are the material qualities of light understood as topic and as resource in different cultural forms and practices?

Confirmed speakers: Elettra Bordonaro, Polly Braden, Zerlina Hughes , Richard Martin, James Rattee, Satu Streatfield

About the Configuring Light/Staging the Social ESRC Seminar Series

This event has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) and is the seventh in a three-year seminar series of the Configuring Light/Staging the Social seminar programme.  Configuring Light is a research programme housed between the London School of Economics (Don Slater) and King’s College London (Joanne Entwistle) For more information, see our website

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