Phase 1 of ”Pathways to Smart Lighting” project well underway


We are progressing well into Phase 1 of our research project in collaboration with LUCI on Smart Lighting. Having received fascinating contributions through our survey so far, we are calling for more participants, whose contributions are invaluable for the future work of lighting professionals and municipalities at a time of great technological change.

Everyone is talking about ‘smart cities’, but cities define ‘smart’ in very different ways, and are developing very different policies. Our aim is to map the world of municipal ‘smart lighting’.

We want to find out….

•    what you and your city mean by smart lighting and smart cities?

•    what challenges and benefits you expect from smart lighting?

•    what policies and strategies (if any) your city is developing to implement smart lighting?

If you are visiting this page to complete the survey, click here and we thank you in advance for your participation.

This questionnaire is Phase 1 of the research project. From these responses we are building a database of ‘pathways to smart lighting’. In Phase 2, we will be conducting in-depth interviews with professionals from a variety of municipalities to gather more information on their diverse approaches.

Any expertise you may have is helpful to the development of this project. However if you’re unsure whether to contribute, or have any questions about the project and/or survey, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Moreover ‘Pathways to Smart Lighting’ is academic research – information you provide will not be used for commercial purposes or shared outside the LSE research group. Our findings and conclusions, on the other hand, will be publicly and freely available for use by lighting professionals and municipalities to help them develop their smart lighting strategies.