Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes Whitecross

Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes was a lighting design workshop that took place on Peabody’s Whitecross Estate (WHX) on 13-17 October 2014. Led by Configuring Light/Staging the Social in collaboration with Peabody’s IMPROVE project and the Social Light Movement and funded by LSE HEIF5 funding, it brought together lighting design professionals, architects, planners and social scientists. Focus of the workshop was the creation of new lighting design interventions to help improve the outdoor spaces on the estate. In this workshop, LSE researchers supported the design teams in their social research to help them better understand WHX and its community in order to come up with sensible public lighting ideas. Throughout the workshop, the design teams will engaged in a dialogue with the WHX community to understand life on the estate, their lighting needs and try out different lighting fittings. The project will has been documented in two short films and an exhibition that took place at the LSE in February 2015. Technical sponsorship for this project has kindly been provided by iGuzzini.

All images ©  Catarina Heeckt

Project details

Conceptual, funding and on-site lead

Mona Sloane
Dr Elettra Bordonaro

Research in design lead

Dr Don Slater


Dr Joanne Entwistle
Isabelle Corten
Eric Olssen
Joran Lindner
Martin Lupton
Sharon Stammers

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